Vampire’s Home

Dear Moccas,

My close penfriend, Angel sent me pictures of his holiday ^.^ He was really nice person. He said he wishes me there for enjoying the view. He was really naughty cause he said he looked me in this castle, ready to bite!!! O.O 

Yes, this was the residence of Bloody Vampire, Prince Dracula!!! O.O

I was a bit surprised cause the castle was far beyond my imagination. It seem such home than castle. And It looked so complicated. Will be hard if escape from Vampire :P So many turnings O.O I felt it was a labyrinth!

I checked my friend, “Hey, Angel, are you fine in there? Not get a bite from Vampire Princess?”
He responded…..”Owwwww… I am fine cause I am not handsome enough to break her heart!”
So humble male :P

I think if one day I visit the Vampire castle, I want to use one of both dress.
We should use a pair of high heels, if Dracula appeared, maybe could step our heels to his foot :P

Floral geometry dress (Minimal, a local brand from Bandung, West Java). I felt I can pass the time machine if wear this dress cause it is rather Greek style =)

Or I would wear this feminine roses dress (Minimal) and pink tote bag (Minimal)…pssst…I borrowed my sister’s tote bag a while for making this picture =)