Batik Cheongsam Dress from Minimal

Dear Moccas, Indonesian is popular of batik. What do you think, Moccas? :) Will you love the unique pattern? 

 The traditional batik is made by using natural materials as colour. The price is variable according to the diffulty of making and the complicated patterns. 

Batik is identic with traditional. But brand Minimal love applying traditional batik concept with modern one. I wore a lovely cheongsam dress from Minimal Gold collection. And I really enjoying them :) 

batik cheongsam dress
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Bag : Red Fold Bag from Minimal 

Shoes : Red Flat Shoes from Minimal (but not appear in this picture, ooops...sorry, the amateur photographer aka my brother forgot to shoot it :P 

Why I don't use accesories??? As we know, females are hard to forget accesories, but I think cause I want simple appearance (the batik pattern is enough crowded :P), so I wore nothing :) But of course, up to you, Moccas :) Maybe just simple bracelet is fine :) 

To tell you the truth, it's my first cheongsam dress. I am curious how does it feel if wear an ethnic dress :) I like this dress finally. 

I also got a voucher when participating this picture to Minimal's competition. (#minimalovesbatik) Thanks Minimal :) How about you, Moccas? Do you love wearing cheongsam dress? :)


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