DIY Scarf as Bag Accesories

Dear Moccas, I want to share about DIY scarf :)It's so simple. Just make a tie bow in the handle of the blue bowling bag. Looks prettier, doesn't it? 

I bought the scarf from Minimal brand at discount. Lucky :) I love the apples pattern making me want to eat it :P Just should be careful when put it on the cupboard...that was a little accident with the yarn T.T and I must fix it a bit.... 
DIY scarf as bag accesories
accesories scarf for bag

Dress : Burn Out Dress from Minimal 
Bag : Blue Bowling Bag from Minimal 
Shoes : Dance Heels Shoes from Minimal 
Scarf : Apple pattern from Minimal 
Bracelet : from Thailand (don't know the brand, just bought it in Bogor Trade Mall) and it's cheap price but enough good quality :)


  1. Hi Santi! It's Stephanie from The Best In Beauty(: How are you? I stopped by to tell you that I changed my URL to a new one, so please go check it out and follow when you get a chance! Also, I wanted to contact you about a possible collab. If you're interested, leave a comment on a blog post from my blog: Thank you!

    1. Hey Stephanie, I couldn't click your link?? So sorry for so late reply. I am very rare to open this blog o.o


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