Kitchen Date with Chef Jatu

Dear Moccas,

I really love cooking. For me, cooking is a fashion cause we need to make food looking so beautiful preserved on the plate, not just delicious. So, when people look it, they really want to taste ^.^

My favourite local chef is Farah Quinn. When there was #SuddenlyChef, a competition in facebook of making similar steak as Chef Jatu's steak dishes for promoting SCTV cooking serial ‘Top Chef Indo’ and Black Gold soybean sauce, I felt so enthusiast to follow although I am an amateur in cooking ^.^'s so hard to make potato gnocchi T.T

The prize was so wonderful. A kitchen date with Chef Jatu. He was so friendly and lovely.

I got some nice friends too in that event. Could you guess which one was me? :P Yes, you're right!The one had tight air face cause nervous!

Euuw…in fact I was rather shy if met many people. But,… life must go on :P I really enjoyed the dinner. The appetizer was a crab avocado, the main course was a beef steak (black gold roasted beef), and my favourite dessert, talam pandan srikaya =) Wanna taste them? Jump here then ^.^

You can still taste the appetizer and the dessert in Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta =)

But cause my worms in the stomach were so easy to satisfied, I couldn’t eat all the dishes. And brought the steak  to home :P The delicious steak was specially cooked by Chef Jatu. Thanks very much, Chef ^.^ 

The kitchen date had a dress code, black. I just wore simple black gown (Minimal brand), a tiny belt, a bracelet, and red flat shoes (Minimal brand). Simple grooming, wasn’t it? =)

Other presents were Ballarini cooking wares and Black Gold hamper. Black Gold soybean sauce is the most delicious soybean sauce I tasted, just be careful when cooking it cause it’s so easy to caramelize ^.^

I am waiting similar event. Really love the event. Thanks very much, Chef and all of involved sponsors, such SCTV, Black Gold, and Dharmawangsa Hotel  ^.^