Celebrating Chinese New Year in Vihara Dhanagun 2014

Dear Moccas,

When Chinese New Year, we did praying to the God by burning hio. It was my first time of visiting the temple =)

We also burnt some specific money. It such send the money for ancestor soul.That was an embarrassing accident o.o Cause it was the first time I burnt the money, I never know the place for burning money. I just burnt it by candle, but then so panic cause it burnt so fast. Just waved it and people saw me strangely o.o pfff…in fact, we should burn it on the hole of front tower.

Outfit of the day is just a simple striped red Korz dress (wearing red cause will invite luckiness), a black lacey tanktop, black leggings, a black sling bag, and a pair of sandals ^.^ Comfortable clothes for hanging out!

Cause many people praying and burning hio, the smoke was so thick. I became crying o.o

The vihara was so interesting. Gold and red dominated the colour of celebration ^.^

According to legend, Chinese lantern light will guide the souls.

Mei hua flower. Want to have the original one =)