Celebrating Cap Go Me in Vihara Dhanagun 2014

Dear Moccas,

A crowd  when celebrating Cap Go Me in the Dhanagun temple, Bogor city, West Java ^.^ 

So fun!! It's really a special Cap Go Me cause it happened on February 14th, the Valentine Day ^.^
The table was adorned by flowers and candles. Also fruits for the soul of ancestor.

You can look Goddess Kwan Im in the center. She was the Goddess of Mercy. Besides of her, there were generals.

In the entrance, females wearing Chinese gown for greeting guests from other viharas. And they also welcomed the God and Goddess.

There was a music attraction, so passionate and vigorous although the musicians were old enough.=)

And it was also a barong attraction or 'barongsay'. Barongsay means the lion dance.
It’s not red barong, but should be black barong cause will pray for throwing away bad spirits, etc.

The God rode the cart adorned by flowers. Ready for street festive ^.^

It was  such God of War, maybe General??

One day you should visit this temple. It’s free for public ^.^ The location is so strategic, just next to Pasar Bogor. Mainly when Cap Go Me time which 2 weeks after Chinese New Year, there would be a street festive in my city, Bogor, West Java. Come and join us ^.^