Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition

Hi, Moccas. Tonight I want to follow a competition held by Dorothy Perkins and Fimela. I love mixing and matching. I think the theme of this competition is challenging. As fashion lover, we should create our own fashion style and taste, but we can get inspiration from other fashion sources =) This time the inspiration comes from Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials

Style Essentials
10 Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials
I will make 2 styles by this inspiration =)My main inspiration is the maxi skirt. In the first look, I will create romantic and classic style. But, in the second look I will create formal look. Having multifunction item such maxi skirt will push you to be more imaginative in creating various style and of course, it can economize your budget cause from 1 item you can create many styles.


I fall in love with this Dorothy Perkins' blush mesh pleated skirt. Inspiring much to get classy and romantic.
mix and match Dorothy Perkins
Dorothy Perkins blush mesh pleated skirt

and this awesome Dorothy Perkin's lace top =)
Dorothy Perkins lace top

So, I ran to my cupboard. Trying to find the fit wardrobes. I have a maxi skirt (I bought it long time ago, but it's still in good condition =)). The skirt has rather translucent look if get light. The material is so smooth,such sateen. Having neat long rimples, but curly end below. If I step, the rimples follow my movements such waves. I feel so feminine when wear it. But what I really fall in love is lace accent in this look. Lace adds the romantic feeling. For emergency situation, we can wear lace dress as lace top. I love this beige lace dress. I got it from my mom as birthday present. In this Style Essentials, we must wear a minibag and block heels. Luckily, I have both too. I have a black leather shoulder minibag from my aunt.The block heels is the highest heels I have. I bought it at discount 70% (just 100,000 rupiahs). Block high heels are nicer than sharp end high heels cause the block shape making us to step more stabile. Besides that, we can still have the effect nice silhoutte of our body cause it's still high heels.The material is Polyvynileurethane (synthetic), but really comfortable ones. For accesories, I wore a simple brown bracelet. The price is reasonable too =) We can use this look for dating, hanging out, or even going to the party =)
classic mix and match style essentials

And Taraa...

style essential maxi skirt and lace top

classic love
style essential maxi umbrella skirt


The second look is formal style, such style when we attend the meeting, daily work in the office, so on. Such stated in Style Essential, we should have 10 easy to wear pieces, such midi skirt, maxi skirt, soft trousers, cami, boyfriend jeans, lace top, jumpsuit, statement shirt, minibag, and block heels. There are really useful to have these items, mainly if we go travelling. Just mix this, match that, and you can create your various styles =)
I wore a maxi skirt, off-white sleeveless statement shirt having pleated part below, a black blazer,block high heels, and a black minibag which material is cow leather. For accesories, I just wore an imitated black bracelet. I think if I wear a necklace, there would be too crowded =)
formal style
Ready to attend formal meeting! =)

formal style

So, what are you waiting for? Let's create our own style by the inspiration of this chic Dorothy Perkins' Style Essential =) Having fun, dear =)


  1. Hey there, your lace skirt is so breathtaking, gorgeous and lovely ^^
    I also join the competition, please kindly check mine too ^^

    modimelodi | A blog by Moudy

    And good luck :)

    1. Hi Moudy, thanks. I would love checking your post too ^.^

    2. Anyway, if you don't mind. I nominate you a Liebster Award since I find your blog is pretty inspiring.

      Check the post on my blog and keep blogging!! xo


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