Kukuk Monster

Dear Moccas,

I got scarry accident. Bit by a pitbull named Kukuk. He wasn’t mine. But, he was so jealous much when I fed another kind pitbull named Kelly, I also fed Kukuk. I got five sewing after he bit me for 5 seconds o.o I think I would die that time, the world was such turning around. But, not died ya o.o Maybe cause that time I still remember…my soulmate ^.^

When I was in emergency room at hospital, the doctor and her assistants laughed at me o.o cause the dog bit me in right thigh T.T funny?? And the nurse adviced me to bite hard the dog…euuuw, I prefer to bite dark chocolate J

My tip is if we bite by cruel dog, be calm and don’t rebel much. Cause dog instinct is biting hard something moving and rebelling ^.^

Now I become jealous to the dogs, cause the owner had picked Kukuk and Kelly. But I haven’t been picked up o.o