Lovely Pet

Dear Moccas,

Since long time ago, females love dog as fashionable pet. But, what do you think about my pets? I love them very much. Although I want them wearing ribbon, no one like ribbon O.O

I really love Buddyho or Hocup, my lovely golden retriever. I gave them to my brother’s friend cause father disliked him, Buddyho loved breaking anything T.T But, he was so cute and lovely! Always kissed my forehead and cheeks after eating! Very smart cause he could wrap his tinja by newspaper! Origami expert :P He could jump until more than 2 metres to steal dolls. His hobby was pulling out the eyes of the doll :P

I also gave Buntel T.T calm puppy!

Ade wasn’t my dog. But he used to play with me. So sweet dog T.T He died cause distemper. I think it’s very important to accustom our dog to eat vegetables (such my Buddyho). And not bring puppy outside too much (I mean new environment cause puppy is easy to catch cold).
Wish you have a peace in there, Ade O.O

Mom got 2 puppies from Krisna, but will give them to others. Their name was Molen and Mimiw! Molen was the brown one. But Mimiw was so cute and tiny, but has lion heart ^.^

And the last puppy, Momo o.o He could dance ‘ngesot’. One day I should record her! ^.^

To make our pets having long age and healthy :
1. Give tempe (soybean). Most dogs love tempe, but not tofu ya??
2. Always give boiled water cause raw water consists much bacterias.
3. For avoiding distemper, lice, other illness, should give vaccine.
4. Hug the puppy for avoiding diare.
5. Keep cleanliness.

Paw paw