JENESYS stands for Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths. JENESYS is a youth exchange programme sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The intention of this programme is to promote people-to-people exchanges between Japan and the various nations of the Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Carribean regions.

JENESYS 2016 is between Japan and ASEAN Member States (AMS), Timor Leste, and India.

The objectives of JENESYS 2016 which theme is economics are
To promote mutual trust and understanding among the people of Japan and participating countries, and regions, to build a basis for future friendship and cooperation.
To promote a global understanding of Japan’s economics, society, politics, and foreign policy, and
To convey information on Japan to the general public of AMS, Timor Leste, and India through the participants of this project.
To build closer relations between the participants of AMS, Timor Leste, India, and the persons of economics related companies and organizations of Japan which participants visited and had an exchange through the project.

The participant of JENESYS 2016 :
1. Indonesia 21 people
2.Phillipine 23 people
3. Malay 20 people
4. Vietnam 22 people
5. Cambodia 22 people
6. India people 20 people
7. Thailand 22 people
8.Singapore 20 people
9. Timor Leste 22 people
10.Brunei Darussalam 22 people
Total 214 people