Jumping to New World of JENESYS 2016

Sumimasen ga. Watashi wa Narita e ikimasu deshita. ^.^

Finally I’d got the ticket after many messy thing to prepare the departure to Japan for attending the Jenesys 2016 meeting. Thank you very much to Business School of Bogor Agricultural University, specifically Miss Widi who was busy to prepare me and Dimas, one of college friend to attend the JENESYS Meeting. And certainly to JICE, Japanese government and all of related sides with this nice programme.

I arrived about 4 PM in Soekarno-Hatta airport.

Aaaaaaa…...This occasion was my first flight. I was terribly happy and excited!
Being in the Indonesian crowds and taraaa….we are the Jenesys having much energy to share. ^.^
I  was so confused when I realized that I forget to bring international plug. Ran here and there. Finally found it at price 85,000 rupiahs. Before the seller offered plugs offered at price 500,000 rupiahs. 0.0

Cheers before joining the Japan Airlines (JAL) crew.^.^
The plane took off at 10 PM. And again….I forgot to bring a jacket. O.O In fact I didn’t forget, but I was so lazy to release the one inside the luggage….>.< It was rather cold even for me who is mountain person. =)

The sky was so dark such ink liquid spreading everywhere. And we were the rushing comets between the ocean of darkness.

All of Japanese Airlines flight attendant serving us were terribly friendly. All were Japanese female. Slender and pretty. O.o

The facility was modern. We could listening to music or watching some films. But, then I fell asleep….just for finding smootheness of white cottons in the sky. Running and heaping clouds.
Omoshiroi desu yo.  
I wanted to  jump into those ocean of clouds and hug and hug…
Not bear hug. But dinosaur hug!