Batik Hem Dress and My First High Heel

Hi, Moccas. Do you like wearing kind of dress such me? :) At first, I felt rather ackward cause the length of frontpart and backpart of this dress isn't same?? But, when you match it by wearing high heel shoes, it's nice :) You will feel your body appearance is nicer.
batik dress
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batik dress

I wore :
Dress : Gold Drop Hem Dress by Minimal brand
Bag : Korz brand
Shoes : High Heel by Minimal brand

I love the bag from Korz cause the tiny doll :P The imitation squirrel makes me remembering about forest:) And it's my first high heel. When I tried it in the store, the store staff looked worried :P You will respond OMG, but yeah, I am not smart in wearing high heel.But this shoes is an exception, I don't fall down, not shake at all. How about you? :)