The Darkness of Civet

Hey, I know what you have made? We all look ... :P

The current present for this year o.o
Cause I prayed please, no mouse this year, God. Cause I almost got fainted when a little rat felling down from the ceiling T.T
I want my Prince falling down, not the rat, please O.O

Civet family consisting mom and three children were success to make hole on the roof my bedroom....Hoorraaahhh!!!!! :P I got free shower directly from the sky.... how economized life I have :)

There are always civets in our house o.o
do you want one? :P It will make your life is full of noise, run, tap of cheerful civets' feet, you will never get any disturbance from rats :P
and don't forget the singing o,o really inspiring!

Just one of my worriness
how if they are bigger and bigger??? o.o