Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple e ikimasu deshita. Totemo omoshiroi desu ne.

In the first day of JENESYS 2016 programme, we visited Naritasan Shinshoji Temple which location is near Narita airport. It has a history over 1000 years... 

The board made me remembering manga!

San ...

There were many Japanese slipperies hanging on the wall of building-gate. Could I use them?? o.o

The dog statue guarded the gate.

Even there was a water fountain. =)

I love the water taste in Narita. So cold and clear such swallowing crystal. ^.^ Maybe cause the dragon released it?

I also looked some ancient Shinto statues. They are aging of time, but beautiful cause of the meaning.

What made me very surprised? All were so clean. O.O

The tree had unique shape. Artistic. :P Made me want to tie some ribbons noted my secret wishes ...

Shinto (the way of the gods) is the original religion in Japan. It is rather similar to Buddhism. Shinto Gods are called kami. which are sacred spirits taking the form of important things and concepts of life such wind, rain, mountain, trees, rivers, and fertility. The Sun Goddess Amaterasu is the most important kami.

Really lovely ancient place. 

Something unique?

Omikuji  (御御籤, 御神籤, or おみくじ) are fortune telling paper strips. Even during the Muromachi periode, the Shogun was chosen by omikuji.

(大吉, dai-kichi): great blessing
(中吉, chuu-kichi): middle blessing
(小吉, shou-kichi): small blessing
(吉, kichi) blessing
(半吉, han-kichi): half-blessing
(末吉, sue-kichi): future blessing
(末小吉, sue-shou-kichi): future small blessing
(凶, kyou): curse
(小凶, shou-kyou): small curse
(半凶, han-kyou): half-curse
(末凶, sue-kyou): future curse
(大凶, dai-kyou): great curse

Ema  (絵馬) is wooden wishing plaques of  Japanese shrines. It is Shinto custom. Recently people write their wishes or prayers on a wooden plaque that can be purchased at the shrines. Then hang it up on the shrine grounds,

My prayer was simple ... better world for us. ^.^

The temple area is large. It consists some buildings.

After stepping so many and releasing drops of sweat until a bucket, we came to the highest part of the temple. The holy buildings were usually built in the high place. But the beautiful view paid the effort. ^.^

Don't want to say sayonara to this beautiful temple... T.T

We could shop some Japanese souvenirs too. Key chains, snacks, chocolates, so on.
I love the lucky cat and fish icon ...

The packages were so pretty! ^.^