Healthy Food

At current time, it is really hard to keep our passion in healthy culinary. Almost everywhere...everytime ...we could look foody things. At television... in the social the the tourism object... involves food and food!

Who can't really avoid the tasty delicious cholesterole such chicken with coconut milk sauce such as the picture above?

Aaargh!!!n I wanna try this...I wanna try that...
Instagram makes people loving culinary more and more.

There are few principes of healthy food:

1.Look the nutrition and safety

Nutrition and the safety is a critical points of food. Aqua Danone gives the guarantee of best quality to its customers. =)

Aqua Danone is a bottled water consisting essential minerals for the health of body. We still needs minerals, such as fluoride for our teeth, calcium for our bones, etc. Drinking water is really good for diet too. Just consume 8-10 glasses of mineral water everyday for your health. ^.^

The quality of mineral water should be fit with The Rule of Health Minister of Republic Indonesia No. 492 Year 2010 and Guidelines of Water Quality of World Health Organization 2011.

2. Keep an attention to the amount

You could look the macaroni schotel below. It is made from pasta, egg, fresh milk, minced chicken meat, and cheese. It contains fat. But, should we never eat it anymore?
Of course, you can still eat it. But, you should reduce the amount you eat. And you'd better insert your food list with healthy food, such fruits, vegetables, oat, etc.

3. Insert the healthy food to your list and do the rotation when consume them, please!

Vegetables and fruits are popular icons of healthy life.

Papaya is safe to consume everyday. It isn't such as soursop having effect rheumatics. although it consists much vitamine C.
The best way to consume is doing the rotation.

Healthy oat porridge recipe for heart and decrease cholesterol

Ingredients :
10 full tablespoons of Cooking Oat
1250 ml water (if want more tasty, substitute the water with chicken stock/fresh milk)
a bit chicken powder (but, can skip it)


How to Cook :
Add the oat, water, chicken powder, and salt
Just cook with small fire (why??cause we don't want to eliminate the useful matters inside the oat)
Should often stir the porridge when cook.
After the oat is thickened and smooth texture (such an unity with the liquid). it means ready to serve

Oat is good for heart, cholesterol, and skin. ^.^
ps : you can add slice of cheese (cubes) when it's nearly well done. Even could add mushroom, brocollie or anything

4. Watch out of toxicity

Choose small fish than bigger ones. Skip the inner organes cause toxic matters love accumulating inside them. And don't consume the skin.
The reason : big fish have a tendency to accumulate chemical matters time by time, more than smaller ones. And better avoiding to consume skin cause skin has direct interaction with chemical matters in water.