the Secret of Cancer

Tic tac ...
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Cancer is such a bomb hiding inside your body.
What is the caution?
Who can really predict accurately about cancer? 
Not me, not you. Not a proffesor. Not a doctor.

It is about a madness. A demonstration of crazy cells. They divide themselves so fast until they accumulate forming a cyst, a tumour, and then we just realize...a cancer!

In a life, we always face two options.
Win or lose.
But, the best strategy to face cancer is avoiding it...
Honestly, it's hard to heal the body when we suffer cancer at stadium 3.
Even it's a miracle if we can survive and are being healed when we suffer cancer at stadium 4. 
The reason cause cancer will destroy vitale inner organes.


* Consume mineral water 8-10 glasses per day.

Aqua Danone is a brand of mineral water released by Danone, a multinational company. Besides Aqua Danone, it also produces a popular mineral water, that is Evian.
Consuming water is helpful in detoxification. It means releasing toxic matters outside the body.

After doing yoga or any sport, it is suggested to drink a bottled of mineral water. Cause when we do a sport, our body will release much sweat. We need to consume mineral water for avoiding dehydration.

*Consume safe vegetables and fruits.

We always think if consume fruits and vegetables, they are safe and healthy. But we don't know exactly how much safe they are. Be careful of pesticide amounts which adherent to the outer skin of vegetables or fruits. 
If we swallow a little amount pesticides adherent to the vegetables or fruits repeatedly, time by time it will accumulate in our body without we realize it. And the bomb of cancer is growing up.
Because of that, the issue of traceable is an important concern too.

Never eat young green potato cause it contain phytotoxin. That matters will make you having a tendency to suffer cancer. Eat just big rippen potatoes.

*Antioxydant Food
There are so many antioxydant food helping us to avoid cancer, such as tempe, tofu, blueberry, etc.
Tempe is better than tofu cause the soybean inside tempe is such a whole.

Tempe contains much protein. For people having diet, it's better to consume more protein than fat. But, of couse everything should be in balance cause too much protein will make our kidney working too hard.


Never forget to reach your own happiness. Cause the bomb of cancer is tame when you are a HAPPY person.

Never look a suffer or struggle is such a misery.
But look it as a way to understand and recognize the HAPPINESS.