Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Kukuk Monster

Dear Moccas,

I got scarry accident. Bit by a pitbull named Kukuk. He wasn’t mine. But, he was so jealous much when I fed another kind pitbull named Kelly, I also fed Kukuk. I got five sewing after he bit me for 5 seconds o.o I think I would die that time, the world was such turning around. But, not died ya o.o Maybe cause that time I still remember…my soulmate ^.^

When I was in emergency room at hospital, the doctor and her assistants laughed at me o.o cause the dog bit me in right thigh T.T funny?? And the nurse adviced me to bite hard the dog…euuuw, I prefer to bite dark chocolate J

My tip is if we bite by cruel dog, be calm and don’t rebel much. Cause dog instinct is biting hard something moving and rebelling ^.^

Now I become jealous to the dogs, cause the owner had picked Kukuk and Kelly. But I haven’t been picked up o.o

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fashion Rock Handmade Movement 2014

Handmade Movement was a campaign event for supporting the development of art business such fashion, furniture, decoration adornment, beauty, music, and other creative business in Indonesia. This institution wants to promote local handmade in the global era.

"The Rock" was the first campaign of Handmade Movement.

Indonesian Handmade Movement event

The Rock means that local product can be as tough and hard such rock (stone). In this event, there were 100 local brands. The dream is the courage of young enterpreneurs to dream and make the dreams coming true. Brave to take the risk and face the challenge in future. Going forward with Handmade Movement on May 1st-4th May 2014 in Lotte Shopping Avenue( GF - 07 & 1F - 10 to 15) Ciputra World 1 Jakarta, JL. Prof. DR Satrio Kav 3 -5, Karet Kuningan Jakarta.

There were full support from various institutions and experts having same intention. Such BCA, Sariayu, Instituto Moda Burgo, London School of Public Relatins Jakarta, Pixtem, NET TV, La Salle Jakarta, and all media partners in this launching campaign of HMV 2014.

I came to this event by invitation from ID Handmade Movement as finalist Rock Fashion. I sent two pictures. Rock style in this event means showing your best cool style =)In the first picture, I wore unbranded synthetic leather jacket. I bought it long time ago in Pasar Baru, Bandung at cheap price, about 100,000 rupiahs. And the second one, I wore batik dress, bag, and high heel shoes =) The dress and high heel is Minimal brand. But, the bag is Korz brand. Both are local brands =)
rock style
minimal dress minimal high heels korz bag

Thanks very much for choosing me as one of 5 winners of Rock Fashion. I just realized that I was the shortest among other winners :O Can you guess which one I am???
rock fashion

I stepped very carefully on the stage cause I am rather careless in keeping my balance :p To tell you the truth, it's my first experience in fashion event =) It's really nice experience. Maybe in other occasion, Handmade Movement can make the event in Botanical Square, Bogor (my city)? In weekend, there would be many visitors =)

I also got nice hamper and I have finished reading interesting OK magazine and Go Girl magazine. If you go there, you can also get Go Girl magazine freely.
Go Girl Magazine OK Magazine Sariayu Bracelets Mouch

I love the bracelets from MOUCH. The skull one... :O I also get the vouchers from MOUCH and SABSABIA
voucher Mouch Sabsabia

I couldn't take the picture of Rosta roasted peanut cause my sister had eaten it :P She said it was delicious =)

In this event, we could buy various local products in some stalls. It was nice painting =) I always love art.
painting in ID Handmade Movement 2014

local products

We can also look fashion show, talkshow, workshop, and band performance. Too bad I couldn't attend the event until finished cause I ought to catch the train coming back to my city =)

The talkshow explaining about website for online shop which is more economizer than having real shop.
talkshow ID Handmade Movement 2014

I love the music performance by London Public Relation School students. They were so attractive and energic O.O
music performance ID Handmade Movement 2014
cool singer
cute singer ID Handmade Movement 2014
nice singer ID Handmade Movement 2014

The interesting fashion show ...
fashion show ID Handmade Movement

Although I nearly got accident cause got stuck by the door of train when did the journey toward Jakarta (It was really a rock challenge...cause all passengers screamed for me...hahaha =)) But I really like attending this positive event. We love Indonesian made, don't we? =) I wish ID Handmade Movement keep running the activity such this =) Keep success!!!

If you want to know further about ID Handmade Movement, you can contact to :
PR & Media Relation
E-mail : info@thehmv.co.in
Phone : 021-57905290 Twitter: @IDHandmade

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tomato, Flower of the Day

Dear Moccas,

Just asking my brother to make tomato flower for all of you, Moccas. Enjoy it ^.^

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition

Hi, Moccas. Tonight I want to follow a competition held by Dorothy Perkins and Fimela. I love mixing and matching. I think the theme of this competition is challenging. As fashion lover, we should create our own fashion style and taste, but we can get inspiration from other fashion sources =) This time the inspiration comes from Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials

Style Essentials
10 Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials
I will make 2 styles by this inspiration =)My main inspiration is the maxi skirt. In the first look, I will create romantic and classic style. But, in the second look I will create formal look. Having multifunction item such maxi skirt will push you to be more imaginative in creating various style and of course, it can economize your budget cause from 1 item you can create many styles.


I fall in love with this Dorothy Perkins' blush mesh pleated skirt. Inspiring much to get classy and romantic.
mix and match Dorothy Perkins
Dorothy Perkins blush mesh pleated skirt

and this awesome Dorothy Perkin's lace top =)
Dorothy Perkins lace top

So, I ran to my cupboard. Trying to find the fit wardrobes. I have a maxi skirt (I bought it long time ago, but it's still in good condition =)). The skirt has rather translucent look if get light. The material is so smooth,such sateen. Having neat long rimples, but curly end below. If I step, the rimples follow my movements such waves. I feel so feminine when wear it. But what I really fall in love is lace accent in this look. Lace adds the romantic feeling. For emergency situation, we can wear lace dress as lace top. I love this beige lace dress. I got it from my mom as birthday present. In this Style Essentials, we must wear a minibag and block heels. Luckily, I have both too. I have a black leather shoulder minibag from my aunt.The block heels is the highest heels I have. I bought it at discount 70% (just 100,000 rupiahs). Block high heels are nicer than sharp end high heels cause the block shape making us to step more stabile. Besides that, we can still have the effect nice silhoutte of our body cause it's still high heels.The material is Polyvynileurethane (synthetic), but really comfortable ones. For accesories, I wore a simple brown bracelet. The price is reasonable too =) We can use this look for dating, hanging out, or even going to the party =)
classic mix and match style essentials

And Taraa...

style essential maxi skirt and lace top

classic love
style essential maxi umbrella skirt


The second look is formal style, such style when we attend the meeting, daily work in the office, so on. Such stated in Style Essential, we should have 10 easy to wear pieces, such midi skirt, maxi skirt, soft trousers, cami, boyfriend jeans, lace top, jumpsuit, statement shirt, minibag, and block heels. There are really useful to have these items, mainly if we go travelling. Just mix this, match that, and you can create your various styles =)
I wore a maxi skirt, off-white sleeveless statement shirt having pleated part below, a black blazer,block high heels, and a black minibag which material is cow leather. For accesories, I just wore an imitated black bracelet. I think if I wear a necklace, there would be too crowded =)
formal style
Ready to attend formal meeting! =)

formal style

So, what are you waiting for? Let's create our own style by the inspiration of this chic Dorothy Perkins' Style Essential =) Having fun, dear =)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Postcard from New Zealand

Dear Moccas,

Yeay …I was happy today cause I got a postcard from Marishcka Prudence, a travel blogger. I won a quiz from her ^.^ Really love the view of that beautiful country! If you want to know beautiful spots, just visit her blog in this link, Life is An Absurd Journey

Friday, 14 February 2014

Celebrating Cap Go Me in Vihara Dhanagun 2014

Dear Moccas,

A crowd  when celebrating Cap Go Me in the Dhanagun temple, Bogor city, West Java ^.^ 

So fun!! It's really a special Cap Go Me cause it happened on February 14th, the Valentine Day ^.^
The table was adorned by flowers and candles. Also fruits for the soul of ancestor.

You can look Goddess Kwan Im in the center. She was the Goddess of Mercy. Besides of her, there were generals.

In the entrance, females wearing Chinese gown for greeting guests from other viharas. And they also welcomed the God and Goddess.

There was a music attraction, so passionate and vigorous although the musicians were old enough.=)

And it was also a barong attraction or 'barongsay'. Barongsay means the lion dance.
It’s not red barong, but should be black barong cause will pray for throwing away bad spirits, etc.

The God rode the cart adorned by flowers. Ready for street festive ^.^

It was  such God of War, maybe General??

One day you should visit this temple. It’s free for public ^.^ The location is so strategic, just next to Pasar Bogor. Mainly when Cap Go Me time which 2 weeks after Chinese New Year, there would be a street festive in my city, Bogor, West Java. Come and join us ^.^