Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Kitchen Date with Chef Jatu

Dear Moccas,

I really love cooking. For me, cooking is a fashion cause we need to make food looking so beautiful preserved on the plate, not just delicious. So, when people look it, they really want to taste ^.^

My favourite local chef is Farah Quinn. When there was #SuddenlyChef, a competition in facebook of making similar steak as Chef Jatu's steak dishes for promoting SCTV cooking serial ‘Top Chef Indo’ and Black Gold soybean sauce, I felt so enthusiast to follow although I am an amateur in cooking ^.^'s so hard to make potato gnocchi T.T

The prize was so wonderful. A kitchen date with Chef Jatu. He was so friendly and lovely.

I got some nice friends too in that event. Could you guess which one was me? :P Yes, you're right!The one had tight air face cause nervous!

Euuw…in fact I was rather shy if met many people. But,… life must go on :P I really enjoyed the dinner. The appetizer was a crab avocado, the main course was a beef steak (black gold roasted beef), and my favourite dessert, talam pandan srikaya =) Wanna taste them? Jump here then ^.^

You can still taste the appetizer and the dessert in Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta =)

But cause my worms in the stomach were so easy to satisfied, I couldn’t eat all the dishes. And brought the steak  to home :P The delicious steak was specially cooked by Chef Jatu. Thanks very much, Chef ^.^ 

The kitchen date had a dress code, black. I just wore simple black gown (Minimal brand), a tiny belt, a bracelet, and red flat shoes (Minimal brand). Simple grooming, wasn’t it? =)

Other presents were Ballarini cooking wares and Black Gold hamper. Black Gold soybean sauce is the most delicious soybean sauce I tasted, just be careful when cooking it cause it’s so easy to caramelize ^.^

I am waiting similar event. Really love the event. Thanks very much, Chef and all of involved sponsors, such SCTV, Black Gold, and Dharmawangsa Hotel  ^.^

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Luang Prabang

Dear Moccas,

My close penfriend, Angel sent me these pictures from his holiday in Luang Prabang. It seem so mysterious by the calm river surface. I wonder  there was a crocodile inside???


The bags and purses were so fashionable. Ethnic and very interesting. I think we can wear one of this stuff with any colour of dress, but not printed dress cause will be too noisy of patterns =)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

DIY Scarf as Bag Accesories

Dear Moccas, I want to share about DIY scarf :)It's so simple. Just make a tie bow in the handle of the blue bowling bag. Looks prettier, doesn't it? 

I bought the scarf from Minimal brand at discount. Lucky :) I love the apples pattern making me want to eat it :P Just should be careful when put it on the cupboard...that was a little accident with the yarn T.T and I must fix it a bit.... 
DIY scarf as bag accesories
accesories scarf for bag

Dress : Burn Out Dress from Minimal 
Bag : Blue Bowling Bag from Minimal 
Shoes : Dance Heels Shoes from Minimal 
Scarf : Apple pattern from Minimal 
Bracelet : from Thailand (don't know the brand, just bought it in Bogor Trade Mall) and it's cheap price but enough good quality :)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Batik Hem Dress and My First High Heel

Hi, Moccas. Do you like wearing kind of dress such me? :) At first, I felt rather ackward cause the length of frontpart and backpart of this dress isn't same?? But, when you match it by wearing high heel shoes, it's nice :) You will feel your body appearance is nicer.
batik dress
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batik dress

I wore :
Dress : Gold Drop Hem Dress by Minimal brand
Bag : Korz brand
Shoes : High Heel by Minimal brand

I love the bag from Korz cause the tiny doll :P The imitation squirrel makes me remembering about forest:) And it's my first high heel. When I tried it in the store, the store staff looked worried :P You will respond OMG, but yeah, I am not smart in wearing high heel.But this shoes is an exception, I don't fall down, not shake at all. How about you? :)

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Batik Cheongsam Dress from Minimal

Dear Moccas, Indonesian is popular of batik. What do you think, Moccas? :) Will you love the unique pattern? 

 The traditional batik is made by using natural materials as colour. The price is variable according to the diffulty of making and the complicated patterns. 

Batik is identic with traditional. But brand Minimal love applying traditional batik concept with modern one. I wore a lovely cheongsam dress from Minimal Gold collection. And I really enjoying them :) 

batik cheongsam dress
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Bag : Red Fold Bag from Minimal 

Shoes : Red Flat Shoes from Minimal (but not appear in this picture, ooops...sorry, the amateur photographer aka my brother forgot to shoot it :P 

Why I don't use accesories??? As we know, females are hard to forget accesories, but I think cause I want simple appearance (the batik pattern is enough crowded :P), so I wore nothing :) But of course, up to you, Moccas :) Maybe just simple bracelet is fine :) 

To tell you the truth, it's my first cheongsam dress. I am curious how does it feel if wear an ethnic dress :) I like this dress finally. 

I also got a voucher when participating this picture to Minimal's competition. (#minimalovesbatik) Thanks Minimal :) How about you, Moccas? Do you love wearing cheongsam dress? :)

Warsaw, A Modern Country

Dear Moccas,

Warsaw looked so far, but very near in heart :P It was so lovely country and so modern ya??  A modern city located in Middle Europe.  But we can still look the old culture from the architecture style. My close penfriend, Angel sent me pretty pictures from there. Maybe tonight I could dream to be in there… How about you?

I always think Poland has fairy forests…so similar with the fairytales =)

Vampire’s Home

Dear Moccas,

My close penfriend, Angel sent me pictures of his holiday ^.^ He was really nice person. He said he wishes me there for enjoying the view. He was really naughty cause he said he looked me in this castle, ready to bite!!! O.O 

Yes, this was the residence of Bloody Vampire, Prince Dracula!!! O.O

I was a bit surprised cause the castle was far beyond my imagination. It seem such home than castle. And It looked so complicated. Will be hard if escape from Vampire :P So many turnings O.O I felt it was a labyrinth!

I checked my friend, “Hey, Angel, are you fine in there? Not get a bite from Vampire Princess?”
He responded…..”Owwwww… I am fine cause I am not handsome enough to break her heart!”
So humble male :P

I think if one day I visit the Vampire castle, I want to use one of both dress.
We should use a pair of high heels, if Dracula appeared, maybe could step our heels to his foot :P

Floral geometry dress (Minimal, a local brand from Bandung, West Java). I felt I can pass the time machine if wear this dress cause it is rather Greek style =)

Or I would wear this feminine roses dress (Minimal) and pink tote bag (Minimal)…pssst…I borrowed my sister’s tote bag a while for making this picture =)

Special Gift from My Favourite Chef Farah Quinn

Dear Moccas,

Yeay…I got a special prize from my favourite chef, Farah Quinn by live tweet competition. Porcelaine and mainly a postcard signed by her ^.^ Never expected the gift was so pretty! Thanks so much, Farah =)

I think we always love getting a surprise. How about you? ^.^

Friday, 8 November 2013


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